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TETRA Americas

TETRA Americas will return again on the 17th and 18th November 2014. If you are interested in critical communications. If you want to know more about TETRA. If you want to meet the TETRA manufacturers and see their latest poroducts. Then this is the event that you MUST attend ! For further information visit: http://tetracongressamericas.com/

 Activities in Space (Launchers and satellites), Military Aircraft, Missiles and related Systems and Services are core and to be strengthened Businesses in non-core segments will be divested Reinforce Airbus Defence and Space as a sustainable and successful pillar of Airbus Group  After a detailed and comprehensive portfolio assessment, Airbus Defence and Space has defined Space (Launchers & Satellites), Military Aircraft, Missiles and related Systems and Services as its future core businesses. These are the areas in which the Division will further invest to strengthen its leading position. Some business areas are identified as divestment candidates as they do not fit the strategic goals and for which the company sees possibilities to increase their development potential in different set-ups. This concerns, first of all, our commercial and para-public communication business (including Professional Mobile Radio and commercial satellite communications services activities), which will have better chances for growth and market success in different ownership structures. Airbus Defence and Space further intends to sell some of its subsidiaries and participations, including Fairchild Controls, Rostock System-Technik, AvDef, ESG and Atlas Elektronik. For the Division’s Security and Defence Electronics businesses further industrial alternatives will be explored in order to best develop and position these businesses for future growth and value creation. "The portfolio decisions for Airbus Defence and Space are the logical follow-up to our Group Strategy Review in 2013. They will foster the strengths of the division and, hence, will result in an even stronger focus on our Group's core activities, aeronautics and space," said Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus Group. “Given the tight budgetary situation in our home countries and increasing competition on global markets, the portfolio review is an essential element to further develop our defence and space business and to ensure its competitiveness”, said Bernhard Gerwert, CEO of Airbus Defence and Space. “We have identified those segments where this is an achievable target and those where we should explore alternative options. In short, the portfolio review is a logical next step in the overall transformation process. It will strengthen Airbus Defence and Space’s business core, unlocking its full potential to drive the defence and space industry forwards, particularly on critically important international growth markets. All these decisions will of course respect our national security agreements and will be discussed with employee representatives in a fair and open way”, added Bernhard Gerwert. The first milestone of the Division’s transformation, as announced last year, was the reorganisation of the three former business entities – Astrium, Airbus Military and Cassidian – into one single organisation. This target was achieved on 1 July 2014, according to plan. A next significant milestone was to secure the future of the Division’s space launcher business, which received a major boost through the planned joint venture with Safran, as announced in June 2014, and which is currently being further developed. About Airbus Defence and SpaceAirbus Defence and Space is a division of the Airbus group, formed by a merger between the businesses of Cassidian, Astrium and Airbus Military. This new division is Europe' number one in the space and defence industry, the world's number two in the space industry and is one of the world's top ten defence industry companies. It has annual revenues of around €14 billion with a workforce of some 40,000 employees. Contacts:Maggie Bergsma + 49 151 461 88 234Florian Taitsch + 49 151 168 31 052Lothar Belz + 49 171 447 1826Astrid Emerit + 33 686 65 45 02Jeremy Close + 44 7766 536 572Kieran Daly + 34 689 669 661

Vienna, Sep 14, 2014 – Arico Technologies, a leading company providing consultancy, project management and training for the professional mobile radio industry, today announces its collaboration with Nomor Research in the area of Future LTE Public Safety Systems. Today’s commercial cellular networks and public safety systems use quite diverse and separate technologies to provide wide area wireless communication services. Due to the growing importance of video and data transmission for future public safety systems, the need for a broadband public safety standard arises. There is a consensus among organization around the world, that LTE is the technology of choice for next generation broadband public safety networks. This will speed up the time to market and leverage the economy of scale on global basis. In a coordinated effort, the 3GPP standardization of public safety related LTE features such as Proximity Detection, Direct Communication, Group Communication or UE relay as part of Release 12 will be completed by the end of this year. The two companies have signed this collaboration agreement to join forces in the area of Future LTE Public Safety Systems to provide vendor independent consultancy services and training. Nomor Research experts have being active in LTE research and development over a decade and have been participating in 3GPP RAN standardization since 3GPP was founded in 1998. Arico Technologies on the other hand, with its CEO Harald Ludwig acting as chairmen of the TETRA + Critical Communication Association Technical Forum, has a remarkable expertise in the professional mobile radio industry and with mission- and safety-critical systems. As a first activity, a joint training course will be offered to our global customer base to introduce the fundamentals of LTE Release 12 and future planned features that will be used in LTE Public Safety systems. Download flyer at http://www.arico-tech.eu/data/downloads/Future LTE Public Safety Systems.pdf About Arico Technologies Arico Technologies is a leading technological company for Professional Mobile Radio and specializes in consultancy, training and project management. Engineering competence together with many years of experience enables Arico Technologies to realize high quality services for its customers. For further information, go to http://www.arico-tech.eu/ About Nomor Research GmbH Nomor Research, based in Munich, Germany, is a leading company in the research and development of future and emerging communication systems. Besides its deep expertise in 3GPP based technologies, Nomor is renowned for its system level simulation services in the area of advanced radio resource management (RRM) and self-organizing networks (SON). For further information, go to http://www.nomor.de/

DAMM at InnoTrans showcasing a proven track record with TetraFlex® DAMM TetraFlex® is the most rugged, reliable and easily scalable TETRA communication system for rail and metro operations. Meet DAMM at InnoTrans Hall 6.1, booth 213 to learn why DAMM's TetraFlex® solutions have been chosen for a wide range of projects worldwide, including Moscow Metro, Mumbai Monorail and Western Railways.  TetraFlex® benefits for rail and metro:  Scalability in site and capacity expansion  Outdoor solution optimised for direct installation in harsh environments with IP65 enclosure  Unlimited 3rd party application integration  DAMM TetraFlex® - Reliable and scalable TETRA communication systems for rail and metro The DAMM TetraFlex® System is the most scalable and intelligent IP based digital TETRA radio infrastructure available. It comes complete with outdoor or indoor base stations, comprehensive features as well as integrated software such as Network Management, Voice and Data Recording and full Dispatch application. TetraFlex® provides reliable, fast and disruption-free TETRA data and voice communication for mission critical operations. The 100% IP-based distributed architecture gives full flexibility in site and capacity expansions - even during operation. User-friendly advanced API enables seamless integration into third party systems such as dispatcher solutions. TETRA over LTE with DAMM TetraFlex®Benefit from coverage extension as well as data capacity for videos and pictures with TetraFlex® Android Client and TetraFlex® Windows Client - a vendor independent soft terminal, fulfilling the needs for non-critical voice and data communication operating through WiFi, WiMax, UMTS(3G) and LTE(4G) networks.  Let’s meet at InnoTrans 2014Visit DAMM in Hall 6.1 at booth 213 to learn more about the intelligent IP-based world of Critical Radio and Broadband Communication with DAMM TetraFlex®, offering integrated solutions based on a true IP backbone.

The TCCA represents TETRA, the most successful mission critical communications voice and narrowband data mobile standard in the world. Now available with TEDS supporting wideband data, we support the further development of the standard and promote its increasing adoption by professional users in a growing number of market sectors across all continents. For critical broadband data communications, we are driving the development of common global mobile standards.

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