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TETRA Americas

TETRA Americas will return again on the 17th and 18th November 2014. If you are interested in critical communications. If you want to know more about TETRA. If you want to meet the TETRA manufacturers and see their latest poroducts. Then this is the event that you MUST attend ! For further information visit: http://tetracongressamericas.com/

Jens Thostrup (53) has joined the Secure Land Communications (SLC) business line at Airbus Defence and Space as the new Head of the Terminals Business and Indirect Sales. He replaces Pierre Lopez, who has left the company. The Danish national has over 25 years of experience in wireless communications, as well as in developing new business areas within large companies and starting up and growing small and medium-sized companies. He has been focused on the private mobile radio business since 2003, when he began working for Sepura, devising strategies for the migration from analogue to digital systems, putting forward award-winning business propositions and selling over one million Tetra radios. At Airbus Defence and Space, Jens Thostrup will focus on developing the Tetrapol, Tetra and LTE terminal product portfolio in order to meet the ever increasing demands of professional users. This will enable him to further boost the strong international presence of Airbus Defence and Space’s terminal business, on the basis of a worldwide network of highly professional value-added resellers (VAR). Jens Thostrup says: “I am delighted to join Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space at a very exciting time in the business. The company already has strong, reputable products and partners, but we will be looking to further enhance our offering and strengthen our customer relationships together with in-country partners.” Nicole Lecca, Head of Secure Land Communications, says: “With his long-standing experience in the terminals business, Jens will pay close attention to the product portfolio, particularly to customer satisfaction. I am delighted that Jens is joining SLC at this point in time, as he will be able to build on the business position that his predecessor Pierre Lopez achieved in recent years.” Contact:Anke SturtzelTel: +33 1 6138 5330Email: anke.sturtzel@cassidian.com

Airwave recently played host to guests from the British Embassy, Dubai Silicon Oasis (a 100% government-owned free zone established to facilitate and promote modern technology-based industries) and a number of supporting agencies at the official opening of the Airwave Middle East operation in Dubai.  “The opening of the Dubai office is in response to increasing demand for our expertise and knowledge in building, maintaining and operating Airwave’s Emergency Services Network (ESN) in Great Britain. The office will serve as a hub to advise Middle Eastern customers on mission critical communications,” says Mike McKone, Director Middle East, Airwave.   Airwave’s CEO, Richard Bobbett and COO, John Lewis also attended the opening, which included the Director of Trade for UKTI in the UAE, and senior members from the Free Trade Zone Enterprise.  “The opening of our office demonstrates our genuine commitment to doing business here,” says Richard Bobbett, Airwave CEO. “Our offering in the Middle East will mirror our approach in Great Britain and we look forward to working with our customers to deliver capabilities that will enable them to take advantage of new voice and data technologies both today and well into the future.”  Dubai is the fourth country in which Airwave has established a presence (Australia, Germany and Great Britain) and reflects a natural progression for the company which has secured a world-leading reputation for designing, delivering and maintaining the mission critical communications network used by 100% of Britain’s emergency services.  Caption (from left to right): Martin Findlay, Regional Engineering Manager, Airwave; Chris Elliot, Director Customer Services and Sales, Airwave; Richard Bobbett, CEO, Airwave; John Lewis, COO, Airwave; Elaine Mckone, Team Administrator, Airwave; Mike McKone, Director Middle East, Airwave   Contacts:  General Media Enquiries Helen Bleasdale, Media Relations Managerhelen.bleasdale@airwavesolutions.co.uk, +44 (0)7894 491 811 (M)

Cambridge, 08 October 2014 - Sepura announces today the launch of the ground-breaking controller speaker microphone, the latest IP67 rated TETRA accessory to join Sepura’s comprehensive portfolio of digital radio products.  The ULTRA CSM – a Controller Speaker Microphone - offers unique all-weather performance and outstanding audio quality to users operating in the harshest and most challenging conditions. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use, even with gloved hands or in poor light, and it is fully compatible with Sepura’s complete STP8000 and STP9000 series radios.  This exceptional accessory has been developed with the exacting needs of users working in the most demanding environments – such as fire fighters and miners. It can operate at very high temperatures and features a casing made of extremely durable self-extinguishing material. The importance of the product’s ease of use and manageability influenced the decision to place specific controls and key radio functions on the speaker microphone itself – delivering vital time-saving advantages specifically in emergency and hazardous situations. The availability of extra secondary control increases flexibility and user options, without impairing clarity.  John Drewnicki, Product Manager for Sepura commented: “We are extremely proud of our latest world-class radio accessory. It has many advanced features without neglecting the fundamentals of easy handling and great audio quality. The product was developed entirely in-house by Sepura and implements rich innovation, especially in terms of sound transmission and wet weather performance. The ULTRA CSM is a truly unique and unrivalled product on the market today”.  John Drewnicki continued: “The particular naming of the product is also very significant: it is a controller speaker microphone because it has been enriched with features that allow users to control the radio in ways that have never been achieved before”.  Steve Barber, Head of Product Strategy for Sepura concluded “With the launch of the ULTRA CSM Sepura confirms once again its continuous commitment to deliver innovative products together with complete and highly specialised solutions that meet the real life requirements of critical communications operatives around the world”.  For further information on the ULTRA CSM, please visit www.sepura.com/csm or contact john.drewnicki@sepura.com

The TCCA represents TETRA, the most successful mission critical communications voice and narrowband data mobile standard in the world. Now available with TEDS supporting wideband data, we support the further development of the standard and promote its increasing adoption by professional users in a growing number of market sectors across all continents. For critical broadband data communications, we are driving the development of common global mobile standards.

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