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Critical Control Rooms

Well established as a key event in our hugely successful Critical Communications World Series, IIR's 6th annual Critical Control Rooms event brings you an unrivalled opportunity to hear from leading experts involved in control room and critical communications from the public safety, government agencies and non-public sector communities.

Join us to see how our market-proven applications can support control room operations by sharing mission critical data with staff in the field. Providing customisable business logic, applications are a vital component of our integrated command and control solutions, and a cost-effective way to build on your existing investment. THE POWER OF PICTURES On Wednesday 2nd December, Sepura’s Jonathan Hamill will introduce mission-critical application IMAGE, demonstrating how the sharing of key imagery or data can support critical operations, including transmitting stills from CCTV or video surveillance footage and disseminating building floor plans or hazardous material information. Find out more at sepura.com. To arrange a meeting at the event, email marketingteam@sepura.com We look forward to seeing you there!  Join us in Cannes

New application brings Tetra push-to-talk and other professional communication features to smart devices Airbus Defence and Space is presenting its new Tactilon Suite TSA application for hybrid networks at the PMRExpo 2015 in Cologne, which allows smart devices to be used for professional communications in a secure and controlled way. This tailored solution brings together tried-and-tested Tetra and new broadband capabilities, enabling professional users to communicate with each other, regardless of whether they are using a Tetra radio or a smart device. It is the number one choice for users who prefer smart devices but do not require full mission-critical services on account of possible limitations in broadband service availability. For mission-critical operations, Tetra still remains the best option. Tactilon Suite TSA will give public safety organisations, such as the police and rescue services, more flexibility during their operations. It provides users of standard smartphones (or other smart devices) with push-to-talk and other valuable Tetra services in the form of an application on their device. This enables them to get the most out of previous investments in Tetra infrastructures. Tactilon Suite TSA runs as a simple application on standard smart devices and works on any standard 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi broadband service. In addition to Tetra group and individual calling, other features such as group scanning, emergency calling, status and short data messages are now available to both regular Tetra users and smartphone users alike. nevertheless still able to follow and participate in communication related to a particular operation. Furthermore, doctors on call can communicate in talk groups with ambulances and healthcare professionals. “Many of our public safety customers are looking for a flexible way to enhance mission-critical communications with mobile broadband solutions that provide them with seamless and secure integration with existing narrowband networks,” said Eric Davalo, Head of Strategy Solutions Portfolio & Engineering within Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space. “Our Tactilon Suite TSA is a cost-efficient way of complementing the secure radio communications provided by the existing Tetra network. It allows additional commercial broadband users to be integrated in an easy and secure manner, preserving existing networks and mission-critical functionalities.” Control room operators can use their existing tools and equipment to manage, coordinate and control users and talk groups, including the users of smart devices. They can manage user rights, talk group memberships, or even deactivate users within the Tetra network via one single process and with the same tool for both smartphone accounts and radio users. Contact: Anke SturtzelTel:+33 1 6138 5330Email: anke.sturtzel@airbus.com

Sepura will be showcasing its IP67 sRSM, an all-weather remote speaker microphone, at PMR Expo in Cologne, Germany. Small and lightweight, the sRSM boasts IP67 environmental protection, outstanding audio quality and water-porting technology – ensuring loud, clear audio, even in continuous, heavy rain. Compatible with Sepura’s STP and SC20 series radios, its ergonomic design makes it easy to use, even with gloved hands or in poor light. Developed with the public safety market in mind, the state of Saxony has already awarded a frame agreement for 16,000 sRSMs to Sepura’s German partner, Selectric, for use by fire brigades throughout the region. John Drewnicki, Product Manager for Sepura, commented: "The sRSM is a high-quality radio accessory, boasting many enhanced performance features without neglecting the fundamentals of easy handling and audio quality. Developed by Sepura, its superlative sound transmission and exceptional wet weather performance makes it ideal for use by a variety of sectors, including fire brigades, police forces and mining organisations.” Hooman Safaie, Regional Director for DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), said: “Following its order for 750 ATEX terminals and associated accessories, the state of Saxony has once again placed its trust in Sepura’s products. This affirms our success in the delivery of innovative products and highly specialised solutions that tackle the day-to-day requirements of critical communications operatives around the world."   Media contact:Rebecca Greenall, Sepura plc.Tel: +44 (0)1223 877202Mob: +44 (0)7920 788561rebecca.greenall@sepura.com

The TCCA represents TETRA, the most successful mission critical communications voice and narrowband data mobile standard in the world. Now available with TEDS supporting wideband data, we support the further development of the standard and promote its increasing adoption by professional users in a growing number of market sectors across all continents. For critical broadband data communications, we are driving the development of common global mobile standards.

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