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Archive: Presentations

TETRA Introduction Workshop Presentations
TETRA World Congress 2004
Overview of Services and Facilities TWC04_01_Paivi_Laakso.ppt
Network Architecture and Interfaces TWC04_02_Mehdi_Nouri.ppt
Power of TETRA Direct Mode TWC04_03_Francesco_Pasquali.ppt
Regulatory Issues TWC04_04_Jaakko_Saijonmaa.ppt
Addressing, Numbering, Dialling & MMI TWC04_05_Pieter_de_Kruyff.ppt
Data Services & Applications Including IP TWC04_06_Helen_Cheung.ppt
Comprehensive Security Features TWC04_07_Brian_Murgatroyd.ppt
TETRA Over IP TWC04_08_Bert_Bouwers.ppt
TETRA Release 2.0 - Overview TWC04_09_ Mark_Edwards.ppt
Strategic Positioning in the Market TWC04_10_Ranko_Pinter.ppt
TWC04_ETSI_17&18.wav + TWC04_ETSI_910.wav

1st TETRA South Korea Conference
Renaissance Seoul Hotel, Seoul, 22 September 2004
TETRA - another Success of ETSI Seoul04_Jorgen_Friis_Transcript.pdf
TETRA Market Overview, Seoul04_Risto_Toikannen.ppt 1MB
The Communication Strategy in Disaster Management, Seoul04_Duke_Jeong.ppt 8.3MB
TETRA at the Service of Governments, Seoul04_Phil_Kidner.ppt 2MB
TETRA Security, Seoul04_Jeppe_Jepsen.ppt 1.5MB
TETRA Plans in South Korea, Seoul04_EB_Kim_TETRAPlans.ppt 286KB
TETRA in use by the Military, Seoul04_C_Hengevoss_TETRAIinMilitary.ppt 2MB
TETRA Systems for Metro & Rail operation, Seoul04_M_Perry_TETRAInMetroPt2.ppt 25MB
APLS Technology & Solutions with TETRA, Seoul04_Michael_Ng.ppt 5.3MB
TETRA Interoperability (IOP, Seoul04_Tero_Pesonen.ppt 3MB
Multi-vendor sourcing and IPR, Seoul04_ John_Cox_Multivendor.ppt 5MB
TETRA in Use in South Korea, Seoul04_Augistine_Park_TETRAInUse.ppt 2.4MB
TETRA MoU and its Global Presence, Seoul04_John_Cox_Forums.ppt 191KB

2nd TETRA Middle East Conference>
Intercontinental Hotel Dubai, 18th May 2004
Dubai04_2_TETRA_ETSI_Success.ppt 4MB
Dubai04_3_TETRA_Overview.ppt 150KB
Dubai04_4_TETRA_over_IP.ppt 4MB
Dubai04_5_TETRA_Security.ppt 1.4MB
Dubai04_6_Futureproofing_TETRA.ppt 348KB
Dubai04_7_TETRA_in_Military.ppt 20MB
Dubai04_8_TETRA_in_Oil_Gas.ppt 6.6MB
Dubai04_9_APLS_and_TETRA.ppt 3MB
Case Studies
TETRA Interoperability and 3 Country Pilot, Dubai04_10_Interoperability.ppt 1.4MB
How to Structure & Project Manage a major Project, Dubai04_11_Project_Structure.ppt 1.2MB
TETRA used for F1 Grand Prix Race in Bahrain, Dubai04_12_TETRA_and_F1.ppt 15.5MB

TETRA introduction Workshop Presentations
TETRA World Congress 2003
1_TWC03_Services_Facilities.ppt 6.3MB
2_TWC03_Interfaces.ppt 4.9MB
3_TWC03_DMO.ppt 2.3MB
4_TWC03_Regulation.ppt 3.5MB
5_TWC03_Addressing.ppt 1MB
6_TWC03_Data_Services.ppt 2.8MB
7_TWC03_Intro_to_security.ppt 384KB
8_TWC03_TETRA_Over_IP.ppt 740KB
9_TWC03_TETRA2_Overview.ppt 1.5MB

First Tetra Middle East Conference 2003
TETRA_Market_Success.ppt 272KB
TETRA_Terminals.ppt 2MB
TETRA_Conventional_Networks.ppt 1.3MB
TETRA_Over_IP.ppt 1.3MB
TETRA_Mobile_Data_and_Despatch_Applications.ppt 1.8MB
TETRA_Direct_Mode.ppt 282KB
TETRA_for-Airports_and_Transportaion.ppt 1.1MB
TETRA_Network_for_Dubai_Government.ppt 139KB
BahrainSystem.ppt 767KB
On-Structuring_Major_Project.ppt 143KB
TETRA_Security_Mechanisms.ppt 314KB

Potential for TETRA Systems in Asia (21/06/99)
Ranko Pinter, IMTA Trunked Radio Congress, Singapore
IMTA.ppt 1MB

TETRA Introduction Workshop Presentations
TETRA World Congress 2002
1_IOPsession_opening_v1.pps 1.1MB
1_ServicesFacilities.pps 4.7MB
2_Interfaces.pps 2.7MB
3_DMO.pps 1.3MB
4_Regulations.pps 1.5MB
05_Addressing.pps 1.7MB
6_DataServices.pps 4.3MB
07_Security.pps 400KB
8_TETRAoverIP.pps 426KB
9_Release2_Overview.pps 1.3MB

Tetra Introduction Workshop Presentations
Tetra World Congress December 2001
1_Definitions.pps 3.38MB
2_Interfaces.pps 2.25MB
4_Addressing.pps 1.5MB
5_Codec.pps 319KB
6_Security.pps 375KB
7_Data.pps 4.9MB
9_Positioning.pps 4.43MB
10_Release 2.pps 1.75MB

IIR TETRA Seminar, London 20 June 2000
Definitions.ppt 947KB
Definitions Glossary.doc  21KB
DMO.ppt 454 KB
DMO Glossary.doc  40KB
Interfaces.ppt 2.04MB
Numbering.ppt 1,629KB
Numbering Glossary.doc  43KB
Regulatory.ppt 303KB
Regulatory Glossary.doc  32KB
Data Services.ppt  5,887KB
DataServcs Glossary.doc  21KB
Security&SIM.ppt 444KB
Glossary Security&SIM.xls  16KB
market_positning.ppt 2.08MB

TBSG PEI 15/02/00
An introduction to the PEI by Nick Smye of Mason Communication
IntrotoPEI.ppt ( 811K )
Traffic capacity issues facing the Application Developer by Richard Dewey of TCI
TrafficCapacity.ppt ( 113K )

TETRA Data Hooks
Richard Dewey, Telecom Consultants International, September 1996

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